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Below are links to a few of the sites we built over the years. Clicking on a link will open the site in a new window.

Link to Lundmark Wax Web site
Lundmark Wax Company

Lundmark Wax Company manufactures a complete line of high quality cleaning and finishing products. They use the site to promote their products and as a link to their storefront.

Link to Formco Metal Web site
Formco Metal Products, Inc.

Formco Metal Products is a manufacturer of custom stampings and alternative metal stampings. Their site consistently gets high search engine ranking for their targeted terms.

Link to Excel Heating and Cooling Web site
Excel Heating & Cooling

Excel Heating and Cooling provides heating and air conditioning products and services. The simple HTML code we used to build the site allows their staff to do their own updates and additions.


Driving Directions to the Meadows Club
A local chamber of commerce held a business expo at an out-of-the-way location. In order to help attendees find it, we produced a video to show them exactly what it looks like on the drive to get there.

Formco Metal Products Presentation
We produced a Power Point presentation for Formco to deliver at trade shows. Afterwards, they decided that they would like to make it available to all their prospects. To accomplish this, we converted the presentation to a self-running video and posted it on YouTube.

How to Update the Firmware in a Dodge Charger
Wired Magazine announced that they had found a way that hackers can remotely take control of Chrysler Corp. vehicles. Chrysler updated their firmware and made it available for drivers to install it on their own. We produced this video that shows exactly how to install the update and what to expect during the process. This allowed drivers to avoid bringing in their cars in to the dealer for service.

Comparing the Video Quality of Two Action Cameras
As part of developing our aerial video services, we are looking at ways to make the service as affordable as possible. As part of this, we discovered a camera that was significantly less expensive than the industry standard GoPro. We mounted the cameras side-by-side and shot this test footage. The results were surprising.


3D Animation

Gutter Cover Demonstration
A gutter company developed an advanced gutter cover. They hired us to create a 3D animation that would demonstrate the features and benefits of these new covers and how they worked.

3D Demo Reel  
This is a compilation video showing the various 3D animations we have created. It includes product demonstrations, architectural modeling, character animation, titles and special effects.


3D Modeling and Printing

The images below show a project we did for enhanced landing gear on a JJRC X1 drone. The stock landing gear on this particular drone had a tendency to tip the drone forward on landing. That could result in broken propellers and even burned out motors and electronics. We engineered the enhanced landing gear in a 3D design program. This is shown on the screen captures on the left. We then had the components printed out on a 3D printer. The results of the printing are shown at the right. The bottom photos show the before and after results.
Landing Gear Model

Landing Gear Print
Insert Model Insert Print

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